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IBM Puts Down the Megaphone to Engage Individuals

IBM Puts Down the Megaphone to Engage Individuals

Say “social business” and many companies think Facebook page or Twitter account. But being a true social business is much more than that—it spurs employees be more effective, engages customers, and improves the quality and speed of operations. Rather than using social media as just a way to gain fans or followers, a social business uses software and hardware tools to create new pathways centered on people and relationships, helping to solve the persistent challenge of accomplishing tasks faster, making smarter decisions and inspiring new ideas.

IBM is highly engaged in social business, setting the bar while other companies still struggle to get on board. To find out more, IBM Systems Magazine turned to David Bruce, Power Systems* category marketing manager, IBM.

Q. How would you define social business?
A. I don’t think there’s a one–size–fits–all definition for social business because every business is unique, but I think you can define the core activities that demonstrate social business. Are you conducting social research, for example, to learn more about your clients and your marketplaces and to identify new opportunities or new features and enhancements for your products or services? Have you integrated social into all of your communications efforts? Do you incorporate social activity into your press and analyst programs? Do you incorporate it into your customer communication programs? Are you listening to what people are saying about your company, products and services?

It’s really about integration of social activities with everything, even in some of the more marketplace-indirect functions like HR. Do you use social for recruiting talent? Accounting? Are you using social as part of your supply-chain activities? Are you using it to help determine benchmarks for companies in your industry? Have you provided your employees with guidance on how to engage socially? I think every part of a business can use social activity to its advantage.

Tami Deedrick is the former managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition.



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