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The key forces driving commercial adoption of business-process integration strategies that lead to tangible business ROI are:

  • Stronger collaboration and more frequent communication across supply chains and extended enterprises, resulting in streamlining and optimization of interacting business processes
  • Greater concentration on Just In Time inventory management and lean business processes enabling companies to be more agile in product and service decision making, be more responsive to client and consumer demands and industry trends, and demonstrate tighter financial controls
  • Federal, industry and enterprise compliance, mandating adherence to standards, reporting, privacy, security and interoperability—which inevitably result in changes to client and trading-partner interactions, internal and external business workflows, and processes
  • Web 2.0: Social media and “socialytics” creating an in-the-now world and a corporate desire for instant reaction to client and consumer feedback and competitor news
  • Web 3.0 and the drive toward a semantic Web and self-integrating systems and processes (and ultimately corporations and extended enterprises)