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Strategic Advantage

Win the supply-chain war with a strong business-process integration plan

Win the supply-chain war with a strong business-process integration plan

Choose Your Future

With the rapid advances in chip and network technologies, the migration to mobile and rich user experiences, green IT trends, virtualization and hybrid cloud engineering, organizations will continue to feel pressure to consolidate, optimize and collaborate.

These initiatives have given rise to a whole new generation of integration suites and solution providers (post SOA, ESB and BPM) that leverage modernization, everything-as-a-service and the cloud. BPI is neither a level nor static playing field. On the horizon lies the concept of self-integrating systems (under construction for nearly a decade via such organizations as OASIS), whereby trading partners’ systems and processes will leverage global repositories to automatically negotiate, adapt and select parameters or components to establish semantic interoperability. Business’s accelerating pace and reliance on network-centric systems leaves little choice but to adopt technologies that can accommodate the shifting landscape.

Software-development communities must change their practices if they hope to keep pace with new requirements and their exponential growth in complexity. Soon, it will be impractical to convene a team of all relevant players each time a new distributed application is designed. They must instead empower software-development systems and the resulting applications to solve these integration problems autonomously.

So, embrace your business with technological innovation, choose your BPI strategy wisely and select solution providers that not only understand today’s world but can visualize tomorrow’s and beyond, and have the acumen to guide you there.

Dermot O'Doherty is the director of strategy and solutions at LANSA.



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