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Help From Afar

Haiti earthquake tests Crisis Commons' disaster response

Haiti earthquake tests Crisis Commons’ disaster response

After Haiti

The day after the earthquake, several people convened in the D.C. area and organized a Crisis Camp. The launch point was the Crisis Commons wiki, an online workspace for project and volunteer coordination at

Crisis Commons's D.C. organizers tweeted, “We don't have a location yet, but we want to have something on Saturday to see what we can do,” recalls Dickover. Within an hour, someone in Silicon Valley posted a similar message. The first weekend there were five different camps–D.C., Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Colorado and Brooklyn–with about 400 volunteers in all. These weren't camps where participants just discussed ideas; people came to work. Projects were quickly formed: The 30 percent of the volunteers who were coders started writing code, while others worked on projects that required fewer technical skills.

One of the most crucial projects was building a new base-layer map for the Port-au-Prince area. Before the Haiti earthquake, no one had bothered to create accurate, detailed maps of the country because it didn’t have a GPS market. Now maps were critical to the relief effort. This was something non-coders could do, Dickover explains: Just take a satellite image and, using online open-source mapping software, trace a mouse on the map where the road ought to go.

Other projects had to do with data sharing and relief coordination. For example, a water-distribution non-governmental organization (NGO) delivering water in Haiti could use not just a map of distribution sites, but also information about stock levels and the number of people using the water. “They could see a place where the relief operation was going full swing, but was running out of water. That’s a far better use of their money than just delivering water wherever,” Dickover says.

Jamie Swedberg is a freelance business and technology writer based in Athens, Ga.



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Help From Afar

Haiti earthquake tests Crisis Commons' disaster response

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