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A Grand Slam Solution

Illustration by James Taylor

While IBM won’t release specific website metrics, Singer believes more than half of all page views for the 2013 Masters came from mobile devices. Mobile visits spiked on Saturday, as fans shifted from viewing the Masters website from their work computers during the workweek. Data shows that once the weekend arrives, mobile page views soar. That means each year IBM must reorient how it prioritizes server resources for mobile users. Soon, Singer predicts, mobile will be the primary way fans digest content.

Grand Slam Technology

IBM is taking what it’s learning from the world of professional golf and transitioning it to the world of professional tennis. As mentioned previously, IBM manages technology solutions for the four Grand Slam professional tennis events. According to Singer, all four are distinct when it comes to their brand and needs.

In 2012,the website logged 45.6 million visits and had 325 million total page views

“As I mentioned, mobile is becoming increasingly important, and the work we do in golf translates to what we’re doing in tennis. What we learn at the Australian Open we can take to Roland Garros [French Open] and Wimbledon and then the U.S. Open,” he says. “One area that’s quickly evolving is our fan-facing offerings, where visitors can go to the site and vote for their favorite player. It’s really about developing increased engagement with the fans.”

Ready for More

The upcoming U.S. Open tennis tournament in Flushing Meadows, N.Y., is sure to have no shortage of fans. It is the most-attended single annual sporting event in the world. During the 2012 contest, the website experienced 325 million total site page views, as visitors scoured pages for match results, news or live streaming video of tennis matches on their computers and/or mobile devices.

“We’re expecting even greater traffic this year, but we’ll be ready,” Singer says. “IBM has been with the U.S. Open tournament and the other sporting events I’ve mentioned since the early days of the Internet. It’s been rewarding to be a prominent technology solution provider to all of these events and to have seen those solutions evolve through the years.”

Doug Rock is publisher of IBM Systems Magazine.

Doug Rock is publisher of IBM Systems Magazine. Doug can be reached at



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