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Want to be the first to know about IBM Power Systems* announcements and innovations? Read about the work done by these five members of the Power Systems marketing team—and how their tweets and posts can inform IBM clients.

Susan Emerick
Portfolio marketing,
senior manager

What do you do?
I lead the development of marketing business plans, messaging and brand narratives, sales enablement, performance reporting, market research, competitive analysis, market segmentation and marketing mix modeling to drive marketing strategy, brand awareness, demand generation, brand engageme nt and advocacy.

How do you help Power Systems clients?
My work, and that of my amazing team, directly impacts our clients and potential clients by providing them clear communications to help them thoroughly understand the technology advancements available to them from IBM.

Follow me for information on artificial intelligence, marketing technologies, digital and social marketing, IBM news, etc.

Twitter: @sfemerick

“Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you keep pace with compliance and regulations.”

Susan Emerick @sfemerick • May 31
AI described in 10 easy to understand use cases + other resources #ArtificialIntelligence The future of AI: 10 scenarios While there’s fear about AI taking jobs...

The future of AI: 10 scenarios While there’s fear about AI taking jobs...

Anirban Chatterjee
Global product marketing,
IBM Power Systems

What do you do?
I market AIX* and Power Systems software (including products such as PowerVM*, PowerVC*, PowerHA*, PowerSC* and more). I help define how we engage with customers to solve real business problems, such as how to deploy technology updates, build strategies for hybrid cloud or explore new cognitive analytics projects.

How do you help Power Systems clients?
IBM has thousands of clients around the world running their critical business functions on Power Systems today, and my work is solely dedicated to ensuring their continued success. This means, among other things, helping them be more informed as they migrate critical business functions to new technologies such as POWER8* and SAP HANA, deploy new capabilities to the cloud, and making sense of the ever expanding world of cognitive analytics and accelerated deep learning.

Follow me on social media for coverage of the latest Power Systems announcements and reports from client events.

Twitter: @anirbahn

“I tweet about conference updates, product news, executive interviews and more.”
Anirban Chatterjee @anirbahn • June 15 IBM, Hortonworks deepen their Big Data partnership:
parsing the details | ZDNet

IBM, Hortonworks deepen their Big Data partnershi... Pragmatism and mutual benefits are driving this agreement.

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