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Get Your Piece of the Cloud

Illustration by Michael Austin/ispot

Cloud is on every IT trend list for 2013, and organizations are counting on it to provide cost savings and promote innovation. As they investigate if and how they should move into the cloud, business professionals may want to give serious consideration to Power Systems* technology.

Mark VanderWiele, Distinguished Engineer, integrated systems, IBM Cloud Computing, says cloud can answer the challenge of reducing cost while simultaneously increasing IT’s responsiveness to dynamic market needs—something businesses are looking for in today’s environment. “Quite simply, it moves your infrastructure to the next level of efficiency,” he says.

Many enterprises are also using cloud for new infrastructure deployments rather than replacing current infrastructure. “Cloud is an extension of the existing infrastructure with some migration over time, instead of an immediate rip and replace,” VanderWiele explains. It’s more cost-effective to roll out new projects on cloud while planning a phased migration of existing projects to the cloud.

Running a cloud on Power Systems takes advantage of the platform’s natural attributes including virtualization and robust performance. IBM SmartCloud* offerings give clients all of the benefits of cloud while maintaining security, reliability and agility.

Focus on Cloud

“IBM’s strategy is to enable clients to set up cloud assets behind their firewall, provide subscription-based compute and storage services, and provide core business processing and subscription-based software assets,” says Richard Thomas, cloud computing strategy and portfolio management, Enterprise Initiatives at IBM. To help organizations make the move, IBM offers three core service areas, branded as IBM SmartCloud.

1 SmartCloud Foundation focuses on private and hybrid clouds. It includes software, hardware, implementation and management services. Clients can build a private cloud behind their firewalls or assemble the hardware and software necessary to provide a similar function as a public cloud provider internally with greater security and control.

2 SmartCloud Services are services delivered in a cloud. Key infrastructure is hosted at an IBM data center, or your own, and gives clients the capability to implement a hosted cloud using a subscription-based model.

3 SmartCloud Solutions is a subscription-based service that provides delivery of IBM’s Infrastructure, Platform or Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud services such as analytics, Smarter Cities*, Smarter Commerce* and social collaboration including email, meetings, document sharing and management. IBM’s Business Processes as a Service offerings are part of SmartCloud Solutions and encompass back-office services and human resources management. IBM expanded its SaaS offerings in 2012 by acquiring analytics experts Coremetrics and DemandTec along with human resources service provider Kenexa.

Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer. Shirley can be reached at



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