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Cloud in a Box

CloudBurst* 2.1 is an integrated offering that includes:

  • POWER7* servers
  • Virtualized storage
  • Networking hardware
  • A preinstalled software stack featuring PowerVM* virtualization software, automatic provisioning, and management and monitoring software
  • A Web 2.0 self-service portal that lets in-house customers quickly and easily request resources, receive them, use them and return them to the resource pool
  • Prepackaged automation templates and workflows, including a library of common provisioning scenarios
  • Integrated core service-management capabilities to simplify monitoring, optimize energy management and more
  • QuickStart services from IBM to implement your cloud platform, start to finish, including training

If you already have a hardware platform that you want to convert to a cloud-computing environment, IBM CloudBurst still has a solution for you. If you’re using a POWER6* platform, for example, CloudBurst can bring those resources into the cloud. Alternatively, you can acquire the CloudBurst 2.1 software stack as a separate package called IBM Service Delivery Manager.