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Learn About 5 Cloud-Friendly Upgrades

Steven Finnes, Jennifer Lin, Alison Butterill

Continuous, cloud-based operations are becoming the norm for most businesses as more customers expect on-demand service 24-7. In response, IBM continues to enhance its offerings with greater cloud integration.

IBM Systems Magazine sat down with three IBM Power Systems* experts to learn which new solutions clients should consider in 2017. Several innovations work seamlessly with other cloud applications while saving time, money and effort.

1. Improving the PowerHA interface

Every business suffers from operation delays, but some are unavoidable. Events that cause outages include planned software updates and unplanned disasters.

“Whether you have a cluster with two or three systems, or a collection of clusters, you must know their health at all times,” says Steven Finnes, product offering manager for IBM PowerHA* and disaster recovery (DR). “And if a failure occurs, you need that cluster to switch over to a secondary system so the production continues running.”

Keeping track of multiple clusters—be it dozens or hundreds—can require a lot of maintenance time. But PowerHA SystemMirror* V7.2 for AIX* features a GUI that enables at-a-glance health monitoring for a cluster or group of clusters, allowing administrators to easily check the health of systems across the enterprise.

PowerHA SystemMirror V7.2 integrates Power* Enterprise Pools and Elastic Capacity on Demand (CoD) as a natural extension of failover operations. It also features a universal split/merge policy, which provides a single set of uniform split/merge options for all PowerHA topologies, including both stretch and linked clusters. Thanks to these and other features, clients get more economic value and automation. This solution can help businesses that run operations in a cloud environment. For example, a bank’s software as a service (SaaS) provider protects the bank’s production environment with a PowerHA cluster within that cloud hosting environment.

“From a single interface, administrators will see red, yellow or green indicators of the cluster health status, and can zoom in on the condition and filter event logs,” Finnes explains. “Seeing everything from one screen saves a lot of time.”

Eve Daniels is a Minneapolis-based freelance writer.



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