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POWER7 Unveiled

Power your planet with the latest technology and four new servers

Power your planet with the latest technology and four new servers
Illustration by Nick Rotondo

This month, IBM reveals POWER7* technology and the newest servers based on it. The company has been on a reliable, predictable cycle with POWER* releases, delivering the next generation about every three years. The POWER7 reveal was expected in 2010, but the early-first-quarter announcement may have surprised many.

“We’ve been on this Power* journey now for 20 years,” says Jeff Howard, director of marketing, IBM Power Systems*. “And we’ve been delivering Power generations on a clear cycle that our customers have come to expect and appreciate from us. The POWER7 announcement follows that cycle, but in fact, we’re delivering it early so we can provide our Power customers with the type of continued price/performance gains—both in terms of core performance and also the capacity gains they need—to drive their most critical workloads, such as those in smarter energy, healthcare, retailing and financial services implementations.”

Price/performance gains are the cornerstone of the POWER7 release. IBM is focused on workload optimization that helps customers do more—faster and at a lower cost. All four of the newly announced servers—the Power 750, Power 755, Power 770 and Power 780—take workload optimization to a new level.

“We have full binary compatibility with AIX and IBM i moving into POWER7. It’s a nondisruptive move.” —Jeff Howard, director of marketing, IBM Power Systems

Tami Deedrick is the former managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition.



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