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Meeting Your Business Data and Analytics Demands

FlashSystem 9100

IBM is very focused on helping you derive value from your data. We know that you’re facing ever-increasing business demands to outpace the competition and stay ahead of the next opportunity. The team recognizes that your business users have an insatiable appetite for more data to support their artificial intelligence needs. They’re probably using not just one but multiple cloud solutions.

In today’s world, it’s critical to transform IT to become the central figure in a multicloud, choreographed ecosystem that is as agile and flexible as business requires. That means taking advantage of a self-service, responsive, scalable, software-defined architecture.

You derive value from your data using artificial intelligence that augments your company’s human expertise—from data that’s found in classic transaction systems, data outside the firewalls in your ecosystem and data that’s coming from new sources you had never imagined. The goal is to outpace your competition by learning from all this new data, reasoning with it and understanding it.

No matter where you are on the transition to adopting cloud or artificial intelligence, the IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure team has solutions to help you. We can help you modernize traditional IT systems, build new-generation deep learning and machine learning systems, or build cloud-native systems that meet your future business needs today.

The announcement of IBM FlashSystem 9100 is a prime example of how we’re demonstrating the strength of our software-defined portfolio to solve your biggest challenges. This first-in-the-industry offering combines high performance and efficiency, extensive multi-cloud capabilities, modern management and support in an economically attractive way.

  • High-performance, end-to-end NVMe accelerated enterprise flash array
  • Coupled with multi-cloud enabled software
  • AI empowered management and support

With this new offering, we’ve combined our industry-leading IBM FlashCore technology with end-to-end NVMe to deliver the absolute fastest, low latency, high density, economically advantageous all-flash solution in the industry. FlashSystem 9100 can run up to 10 million IOPs in an 8U rack with latencies as low as 100 microseconds. This is a quantum leap forward in storage performance and economics.

Every FlashSystem 9100 comes with our enhanced AI-based IBM Storage Insights that will help you deliver peak performance and availability with simpler maintenance and support.

IBM FlashSystem is designed to run on a data-driven multicloud architecture. Select from any of these proven blueprint solutions that are designed to transform your infrastructure efficiency with your FlashSystem9100:

  • Data reuse, protection and efficiency
  • Business continuity and data reuse
  • Private cloud flexibility and data protection

Want to learn more? Then join me at IBM Systems Technical University (TechU) in Hollywood, Florida, where my technical team will be leading these FlashSystem sessions—plus nearly 200 other lectures and labs on the latest in IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure solutions. Sessions include:

  • Introduction to FlashSystem 9100: Take a tour of the features and a look at the software and hardware that makes 2.5 million IOPs possible.
  • FlashSystem 9100 Technical Deep Dive: Get a closer look at all the options along with recommendations for configurations.
  • FlashSystem 9100 Skinny Jeans: Learn best practices for data reduction and performance. Explore where and when to use data reduction technologies and how they interact with other software features.

Join me at TechU Hollywood October 15–19 to learn more about FlashSystem 9100 NVMe and all the bells and whistles it comes with. Register for TechU today.




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