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IBM Champions Spread Knowledge About the Power Systems Platform

Susan Gantner, Jon Paris

Many brands have community advocates and evangelists that tirelessly promote a company’s products or services. The IBM Power Systems* platform has them too—IBM has dubbed them “Power* Champions.”

Power Champions are easy to spot in a crowd because they stand out. They speak at events, lead user groups and moderate forums. They blog, tweet, comment and share. They educate, provide feedback and connect communities.

To recognize these contributions, IBM created its Champions program in 2011. Typically nominated by their peers, IBM Power Champions receive the title for one year and are eligible to renew their status the following year.

“We view our Power Champions as an extension of our IBM Power team, providing them with access to our experts to increase their knowledge, and we continually provide methods to receive their feedback and advice on a variety of topics, and consider them as highly valued leaders and influencers in our Power communities,” explains Kimberly Storin, vice president, marketing for Power Systems.

Power Champions are respected third-party influencers external to IBM who help the company expand its communication and reach into a variety of communities with information on IBM solutions. Champions communicate with IBM on issues they’re hearing about to help the company gain a better understanding of its clients and their challenges, according to Storin. 

When selecting Power Champions, IBM looked for well-respected people who were viewed by various Power communities as leaders who communicate in a variety of formats and methods. Examples include a user group leader who develops and delivers technical sessions; shares knowledge at a conference; assists others to start or grow user groups; is active in social media via blogs or forums; and participates in beta programs to help improve Power solutions/products, or an educator who teaches Power technology-related topics; attends technical conferences to increase her knowledge; participates in IBM Redbooks*; authors or co-authors books or articles; and works with the Power business community to collaborate on topics for teaching as well as placing students who graduate.

  Other Power Champions might help IBM break into new communities such as Linux* to help spread awareness that the OS is available on the Power platform, providing technical education and sharing expertise with the Linux community about Power technology.

“There is no one formula for selecting Power Champions, but our Champions do reach across many different Power-related disciplines with a variety of communication methods,” Storin says. “They are also advocates in social media and help us tell our story in a more authentic way.”

Eve Daniels is a Minneapolis-based freelance writer.



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