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Sponsored Advertising: Talking to Watson

For the last year, the big buzz from IBM has been cognitive.

Although the sphere of cognitive is all-encompassing, the part that particularly fascinates me is how businesses can leverage interacting with IBM Watson* technology.

IBM Cloud* offers some intriguing opportunities, especially when dealing with big data and comparing “private” data against broadly available data. The fact that all of this is available as web services means that it’s very easy to interact with Watson.

We hear about the bleeding edge advances with Watson—especially in the medical areas—but the challenge that faces us, as business developers, is how we can use Watson to enhance our business applications.

The challenge is not the how we are going to talk to Watson (that part is easy!)—it’s what are we going to talk about?

Exciting times lie ahead. I am looking forward to seeing what clever developers start to do with Watson, how business analytics are about to change, and what new services IBM will offer with IBM Cloud.

Paul Tuohy
CEO, ComCon and co-founder, RPG & DB2 Summit>

CEO of ComCon and co-founder of the RPG & DB2 Summit, Paul consults with IBM i teams on how to best modernize their applications and provides technical training.