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Sponsored Advertising: RPGers and Development Tools

As an RPGer who has taught for many years, I’ve found that most RPGers don’t exactly jump at using the latest tools. It’s not that they can’t handle new technologies or are unwilling to change. I think it’s skepticism—they find it hard to imagine that a different way of editing source code, for example, could possibly make them significantly more productive. Once they learn to fully exploit a tool like IBM Rational* Developer for i (RDi)and experience the productivity benefits for themselves, they embrace it enthusiastically.

In a recently published survey of IBM i shops, just under half reported that at least some of their developers use RDi. It’s not nearly enough, but it’s way better than a few years ago when many didn’t know it existed. That’s progress!

Now, in addition to the growing use of RDi, I see growing interest in open-source development tools such as Git and Liam Allan’s ILEditor. As more young developers join the ranks, expect to see broader use of new development tools, even from more seasoned IBM i developers.

Susan Gantner
Partner, Partner400

Susan is a developer, trainer and IBM i evangelist for Partner400 and System i Developer, hosts of the RPG & DB2 Summit events.