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Sponsored Advertising Content: Mr. AIX’s 2nd Life as Mr. SUSE Linux for POWER

Jay Kruemcke’s experience with POWER* began with AIX* version 3.0 on the original RS/6000 shortly before it was released. Over the years, Jay has worked in a variety of roles associated with POWER and has traveled the world evangelizing the advantages of POWER for enterprise workloads. You can call him the original Mr. AIX.

These days, Mr. AIX is Mr. SUSE Linux* on POWER. In his current role as the product manager for SUSE Linux on POWER at SUSE, Jay continues to evangelize the many advantages for building your enterprise infrastructure on POWER with SUSE Linux. He is one of many people at SUSE who are passionate about IBM infrastructure.

SUSE was the first Linux on POWER and is still the best distribution for demanding applications like SAP HANA based on SUSE’s excellent engineering and strong relationship with SAP. With more than 1,000 customers already on SUSE Linux for their SAP HANA on POWER, SUSE continues to raise the bar for Linux on POWER with innovations like Live Patching. For more info, see

Jay Kruemcke
Product Manager, SUSE Linux Enterprise server for IBM POWER, SUSE

Jay has been working with IBM technologies for more than two decades. Outside of work, he’s passionate about Boy Scouts and other volunteering opportunities. Follow him on Twitter @mr_sles.