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Sponsored Advertising: 35 Years on IBM i and Still Loving It

Some 35 years have passed since I fell in love with IBM i’s “grandfather,” the System/38. I have watched as the S/38 evolved into the AS/400 and then again morphed into IBM i. I’m as enamored of the system and its potential for the future today as I was then.

What does the future hold for IBM i? I believe it will continue to enhance its traditional business strengths while opening up to the latest technology. Just as it has in the past, it will integrate the best of the old with the best of the new, embracing technologies such as node.js, IBM Watson* technology and more.

In doing so, it will continue to attract a new generation of programmers. And just as I did some 35-plus years ago, they too will come to appreciate the joys of building applications on a rock solid, highly scalable, business-oriented platform that allows them to focus on the things that really matter—serving the users’ needs—not the needs of the OS.

Jon Paris
Partner, Partner400

Jon has been working in the midrange computing arena for nearly 50 years. He’s one of the “fathers” of the RPG IV language and specializes in application modernization and helping IBM i programmers fully exploit this wonderful system.