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Sponsored Advertising Content: Three Compelling Drivers for Implementing HA Solutions on an IBM i Cloud


Until recently, high availability (HA) solutions for IBM Power Systems* servers running IBM i were reserved mostly for larger enterprises with on-premises or dedicated hosting solutions. Given the emergence of the IBM i cloud, HA is now dramatically easier to use and a less expensive alternative for organizations of all sizes. Today, just about anyone running an IBM i environment can afford the “luxury” of real-time, off-site data protection as well as rapid and complete data recovery in the cloud.

There are three compelling reasons for this shift. First, IBM i cloud solutions are more affordable than ever before because of decreased costs in hardware, communications and HA software that a hosting provider may pass on to customers. Second, HA solutions are readily available to help eliminate downtime during migrations. Third, rising costs of downtime can cost your business dearly and can even spell doom for a business. A hosted IBM i cloud with HA can help you avoid costs and unwanted consequences of downtime.

This is an excerpt from a joint white paper developed by Connectria Hosting and its partner, Vision Solutions.