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Sponsored Advertising Content: DR for Single Server Businesses and Remote Office Locations


Recovering quickly from a disaster or data crisis is important to every business’ survival. Small businesses and those with many distributed locations (e.g., hotels, restaurant chains or home office users) face unique challenges. Typically, they use a single data server or workstation locally with no full-time, on-site IT support. The backup solution they need must be bulletproof, cost-effective and fast.

An internet-based cloud backup solution may do a wonderful job, however it faces serious bandwidth and cost limitations when a customer needs full system protection. Restoring just a few terabytes of data would take weeks downloading over a high-speed internet line, and it could be quite expensive to pay the provider costs for the restore operation while attempting to keep the business running.

Having local and off-site backup copies on removable media is still one of the best ways to get back up and running. And for customers with less than 10 TB of data, an easy-to-use, removable hard disk solution offers a compelling total cost of ownership advantage over other technologies with low hardware investment and no maintenance needed during operation.

Daniel Egan
Key Partner Alliance Manager, Overland Storage

Daniel has 25-plus years of storage experience, including involvement in the design, development and commercialization of several IBM branded removable media products.