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Sponsored Advertising Content: Your Database Is Alive With Change!

It’s easy to think of your database as a static block of information that resides within your computer hardware and only changes from time to time.

For most modern organizations, this can’t be farther from the truth. Users and programs are constantly bombarding the database with updates, deletes, moves, creates, reorgs and renames, often thousands and millions of times a day.

No matter the source of those changes, they’re critical to your business, and the loss of those transactions is a risk that no modern organization can ignore. It’s important that you know the volume of your daily database changes. This is a key metric that you can use to plan your disaster recovery strategy. Your change rate could be 50 GB one month and 80 GB the next.

With your growing, dynamic database in mind, you need to consider carefully how you manage and protect it. More importantly, if your data volume has increased tenfold in the last 10 years, you aren’t going to protect it with technology that’s a decade old.

Disaster recovery and high availability, monitoring, archiving, and security software should all be working in unison to protect and manage the moving target that is your database.

Simon O’Sullivan
Senior vice president, Maxava

Simon is responsible for building Maxava’s reseller base worldwide and managing sales in the Asia Pacific region.