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In an effort to provide readers with some guidance and consolation regarding their biggest business challenges, IBM Systems Magazine reached out to some IBMers. These experts zoned in on the overall cost and reliability of Power Systems servers, how to convince upper management the platform is superior to competitors’ products and where misconceptions about price stem from.

Susan Proietti Conti, an IBM executive project manager, and Craig Bender, director of IBM Worldwide IT Economics, shared readers’ frustration with convincing others of the superiority of Power Systems, and provided some key talking points in explaining the platform’s superiority to others. “Historically, it’s true the POWER* platform was viewed as more expensive,” says Proietti Conti. “But there are so many compelling reasons why the POWER platform is actually less expensive.”

“Power Systems servers go down less often,” Bender elaborates. “When a server goes down, there are costs associated with that. There’s the cost of bringing the systems back up in terms of people and labor, and there’s also the cost of lost business.”

Several factors contribute to the platform’s total cost of ownership. “The Power Systems platform is ultimately less expensive because it’s half the software costs. It’s less people to manage. It’s less loss of business; it’s less actual power in terms of electricity and floor space,” he adds.

“Power is ultimately less expensive because it’s half the software costs. It’s less people to manage. It’s less loss of business; it’s less actual power in terms of electricity and floor space.”
—Craig Bender, director, IBM Worldwide IT Economics

IBM has also started issuing a Power Systems utilization guarantee of at least 65 percent. “A 65 percent utilization guarantee says a lot about the server’s design, balance architecture and efficiency,” explains Proietti Conti. “It also goes back to having lower costs in terms of administration facility.”

So why do so many people still think the Power Systems platform is too expensive? Bender has the answer to this question as well. “People within companies often don’t see the whole picture,” he explains. “A purchasing department might only look at purchasing hardware, so they miss these other factors. They aren’t looking at people costs, software costs, energy costs or network costs. They don’t put the whole thing together.”

IBM has recognized clients’ concerns, and has a no-charge program to address cost-related challenges. “We can study their current Power environment, and if there’s a proposal to move to Intel, we can look at their infrastructure and do a custom assessment to spell out variables and costs,” explains Bender. “This will help them build a business case.” To take advantage of this offer, send an email to and request an assessment.

What Comes Next?

IBM Systems Magazine caters its content to reader preferences, and this survey provided insight that can help the magazine become even more reader-oriented. With a grasp on what readers value most, what kinds of information they look for and what helps them in the business world, the magazine can be modified based on what readers want and need.

This could include amping up the technical information, articles on IBM technologies and technology trends that readers find so valuable. It means including more information about education, skills and training, along with tips and techniques and technical information in the twice-monthly IBM i and AIX EXTRA eNewsletters.

Readers are facing myriad challenges, and IBM Systems Magazine is poised to help them overcome those obstacles with effective content in all forms—webinars, newsletters, videos, the magazine and more—that addresses their biggest needs and empowers them to defend the Power Systems platform.

Keelia Estrada Moeller is the managing editor of IBM Systems magazine, IBM Z



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