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Reader Survey

Readers also found value in webinars, forums, videos and blogs: respectively, 45 percent, 33 percent, 28 percent and 26 percent of readers found significant value in these content types.

What’s Being Used

Readers made their favorites clear when asked which databases their companies use. Eighty-four percent of respondents said their company uses Db2*, making that database the most popular. Microsoft* SQL, Oracle and Microsoft Access took second, third and fourth places, respectively (see Figure 3).

While those databases seemed to have large fan bases, none of the other options rose above 11 percent, including the “other” option.

Results were much higher when readers responded to the question “Which programming languages does your company use?” (See Figure 4) RPG was the most widely used at 66 percent. Java* was the second most popular with 60 percent of readers reporting that language was being used by their companies. NET turned out to be the third most popular answer, with 42 percent of readers’ companies supporting that option.

Business Challenges

When asked about their biggest business challenges, readers’ responses were across the board, but the most common topics included talent, security, costs and convincing upper management the Power Systems platform is superior to Linux* or Intel*.

More specifically, several readers want to understand how exactly Power Systems combats security threats. Others are struggling with finding talent, and they worry about a lack of training or a lack of willingness when it comes to learn the Power Systems platform.

Ed Waldschmidt, an IT Project Manager at PHD Inc. and an adjunct professor at Baker College, elaborated on this struggle. “We should be speaking about tables, rows and columns like the Windows* guys, but instead we use files, records and fields,” says Waldschmidt. “Students think these terms are old, even though they’re they same thing, just different vernacular.”

For him, everything hinges on convincing students that the Power Systems platform is just as modern as other machines. If they’re not convinced, they won’t be willing to learn. “We have to start changing the way we think of things.”

Justifying an investment in Power Systems to clients or upper management is decidedly the most common challenge readers face. They look to the magazine for talking points to combat these doubts, and they need tools to help clients and management understand why the Power Systems platform is a more cost-effective and secure option when all factors are considered.

“Security, making executive and management board to understand the risks and impact of a security breach.”

Keelia Estrada Moeller is the managing editor of IBM Systems magazine, IBM Z



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Mitigating Risks

Mitigating Risks


Survey Says

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