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Customer Spotlight Capgemini

The U.S. unit of multinational consulting company Capgemini realized a significant boost in the capabilities of its cloud-based SAP service delivery program, including a 30 percent or greater system performance gain and 25 percent IT management savings with IBM PureFlex* System.

“The PureFlex [System] allows us to give our customers a rock-solid, high-performing piece of equipment that we can price to them in a consumption-based way, with no capital expenditure and no operational expenditure, and [it] allows us to flex up and down with their needs. We can add or subtract components from the overall architecture with relative ease, and this will allow us to meet their needs in the future in terms of self-provisioning, chargeback, greater orchestration [and] integrated monitoring, and that’s why we invested in the platform and why we believe that we are going to expand upon it as we go forward.”

—Cindy Borgman,
vice president, SAP Hosting Practice, Capgemini North America