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Customer Spotlight Agilisys

Managed services provider Agilisys gained competitive advantage as an outsourcing company with simplified systems management, curbs on software licensing expense, rapid resource provisioning for new clients and support for multiple platforms and operating systems when it implemented IBM PureFlex* System, Standard Edition, with IBM Flex System*.

“The PureFlex System gives us a single platform that can support practically anything a mid-scale enterprise needs to do. Unlike most of the alternatives we looked at, PureFlex [System] provides everything we need in a single box, and the integration between the components is very well designed. Moreover, all the main features come as standard—even on the entry-level model—and there are no complex licensing models to worry about. We can start small and scale up without making a huge initial investment.”

—Dougie Reid,
service director within the Managed Services division at Agilisys