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Uniquely Designed

Tami Deedrick, managing editor, IBM Systems Magazine
Photo by David Bowman

When I moved to a new house last year, I found myself with a wide and deep bathroom closet with three big shelves. It’s an awkward space where you could lose your hair spray only to find it a decade later. Medicine cabinets should be organized. Who wants to dig through a huge unorganized closet looking for the Nyquil when you would rather be in bed?

So I took the measurements to several stores and considered multiple solutions including baskets, bins and drawers. Finally, modular drawer units emerged as the winning idea. With first aid in one drawer and tooth care supplies in another, the closet has become a work of organized art and ultimately a convenient and useful space. It wasn’t a cheap solution but it will serve me well for years to come and will likely pay for itself in avoiding duplicate purchases just because I can’t find something.

The IBM Power Systems* architecture is a lot like my solution. It’s uniquely designed to manage the volume, variety, velocity and veracity of today’s data and tame the complexity found in so many data centers. You can read about this intentional design in “Simplifying Complexity.” When you have a good handle on your data, you can start turning it into a moneymaker. See the strategy in “Turning Data Into Dollars.”

Elsewhere in this issue you’ll find a case study on how Sabel Steel went mobile for accuracy and time savings, a Focus on Storage article on why you should consider IBM FlashSystem* technology, an explanation of the API economy and how it can help your company prosper, and a look at how IBM is using machine learning to assist doctors.

Also riding along with this issue is the new 2016 Solutions Edition. This buyer’s guide is a valuable tool for accessing the hardware, software and services to get the most from your Power Systems server and uniquely design your data center. The Solutions Edition is available in print and in digital at .

Like my closet, your organization needs a solution designed just for your specific requirements. IBM and its business partners can help you create the perfect one.

Tami Deedrick is the former managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition.



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