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A New Advantage

Tami Deedrick, managing editor, IBM Systems Magazine
Photo by David Bowman

My friend Lisa just sold her house. Since the unexpected death of her husband, it’s been a lot to care for, with maintenance tasks piling up and adding pressure to an already much different life. So this move is a good one for her with several advantages.

First, the townhouse she’s moving to is new, so everything is shiny and clean—and all of the appliances work. No more struggling with a dishwasher that always seemed to be on the fritz or that one corner of the basement where water would sometimes seep in during storms. Second, even though it has a smaller footprint, it actually feels bigger than her 1960’s-era house. The space is just more functional with not a square foot wasted. Finally, and perhaps most appealing to her, is the access to the amenities and the team taking care of all of the outside details. No more mowing or weeding! The gopher under the shed is now someone else’s problem. Instead, she can hit the workout room and pool. And did I mention that it actually costs less?

IBM Power Systems* technology with the POWER8* processor provides a very similar set of advantages over x86. It’s the clear winner in performance, is the best for consolidation and offers access to a whole open-source community that’s constantly innovating on the platform. Oh yes, it also has some serious TCO savings. You can read more about all of these advantages in “Advantage: IBM.”

The feature article, “The Compelling Case for SMT8,” dives a little deeper into a specific POWER8 advantage—the benefits of Power* simultaneous multithreading (SMT) over Intel* Hyper-Threading Technology. With eight threads instead of two, SMT8 will provide improvements for any server-based software that can run multiple threads of execution and handle multiple users. It’s a rock star feature.

IBM is always focused on giving you the advantage. The Q&A, “Sensing the Future,” shares the sure improvements that come with the Internet of Things (IoT). In fact, the IBM GM of IoT Pat Toole says the potential is limitless. The Trends article, “Cloud Choices,” can help you determine how to get the most from cloud technology. And don’t miss the students getting a huge advantage from the P-TECH educational model co-developed by IBM. You’ll learn more in Techbits.

Sometimes buying something new is a huge advantage. Lisa’s townhouse and IBM’s POWER8 technology both fit that description. What could a new purchase do for you?

Tami Deedrick is the former managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition.



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