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Creativity Collaboration Wins

Tami Deedrick, managing editor, IBM Systems Magazine
Photo by David Bowman

I recently read that studies show collective brainstorming is ineffective because rather than stimulating creativity and diversity, participants are more likely to fall into groupthink and narrow ideas by fixating on only one. This may happen in other business realms, but in our IBM Systems Magazine world where creativity and innovation happen every month, brainstorming is vital. When the team comes together to share ideas, our diversity of thought helps the process and spurs more expansive thinking.

IBM believes that collaboration only helps further technology as well and that’s a driving concept behind the OpenPOWER Foundation, open-source software such as Linux* and the Power Systems* team’s other collaborations. With the success it’s already seen in open innovation, IBM will continue to invest in open-source technologies and offer those benefits to clients.

You might be wondering why open innovation should matter to you. In “Open for Innovation,” Calista Redmond, director of OpenPOWER Global Alliances at IBM, shares some reasons. Many of them are already recognized by Bryan O’Neil of Allegiant Travel, and the cover story, “Flying Fast Into the Future,” provides a glimpse into how the company is benefiting from IBM’s relationships with open-source Linux and the deep exploration of its data. Even the University of Toronto is jumping on a Linux bandwagon to help beat cancer and further other research. You can read about that in “Shining a Light on Cancer.” And check out the IT Today column, “Bringing Power to KVM,” on IBM’s advances in the new PowerKVM hypervisor.

Speaking of research, IBM’s creativity sometimes leads to unexpected outcomes. In the R&D column “Serendipitous Innovation,” you’ll learn about some of those serendipitous innovations. The IBM Smarter Cities Challenge* initiative also puts IBM’s creativity and collaboration to the test—and it passes with flying colors around the world. Read more in “Building Smarter Cities.”

This issue also offers an article on disaster recovery, “Master the Disaster,” that might have you looking at creative ways to protect your organization.

Maybe it’s time to brainstorm with IBM to discover your best solutions. With strengths in creativity and collaboration, you’ll both win.

Tami Deedrick is the former managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition.



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