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Changing Brand Perception

Evelyn Hoover

As soon as I started working on AS/400 Magazine, I heard rumblings about IBM’s marketing of the platform from fervent AS/400 customers. Fast-forward several years and, while the platform has changed substantially, the rumbling—from both IBM i and AIX* clients—remains.

Since she came to IBM from AMD in September 2015, Kimberly Storin has been working to ensure a positive perception of Power*. As vice president of marketing, Storin has reinstituted the IBM Power* Champions program ( and revamped the Power marketing team, among other initiatives. I sat down with her recently to find out what clients can expect throughout the rest of 2016, in “Make Some Noise.”

While Storin is working on the perception of the Power brand, General Manager Doug Balog is tirelessly transforming the brand itself. As evidence that his work is paying off, for the first time in four years, Power Systems saw four quarters of growth in 2015. Check out the Q&A with Balog to learn more about how his drive and leadership are making a difference in the effort to move the brand forward.

Speaking of change, Chief IBM i Architect Steve Will and IBM i Product Offering Manager Alison Butterill share their thoughts on how the newest version of IBM i, 7.3, benefits clients in our Trends article.

Elsewhere in the issue, we explore how IBM is modernizing RPG programming to attract new developers and how the company is addressing the security of network-connected cars. For those attending COMMON in New Orleans, Louisiana, this month, we also included a sponsored content section on things to do in the Big Easy as well as some of the sessions and speakers you might want to check out at the conference.

And in line with this issue’s focus on change and transformation, we’ve just hired a new managing editor for the magazine. Jessica Tam will share her thoughts in the Editor’s Desk column starting next month. She’ll be at COMMON too so feel free to stop by the magazine booth in the expo and introduce yourself to her.

Evelyn Hoover // Executive Editor

Evelyn Hoover is the content director of IBM Systems magazine. She can be reached at



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