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MacAllister Machinery Moves From Paper to Mobile Solution

MacAllister Machinery
Matt Hamilton IT Trainer/Project Manager, MacAllister Machinery- Photography by AJ Mast


Customer: MacAllister Machinery
Headquarters: Indianapolis
Business: Retailer and renter of Caterpillar Tractor Co. equipment
Challenge: Dealing with nondigitized field documents
Solution: Going mobile to electronically capture customer signatures and allow for easy online access to contract data
Hardware: An IBM Power Systems S814
Software: FormsTrack iDelivery and FormSprint from Integrated Custom Software, the Caterpillar Dealer Business System, Wynne Systems’ RentalMan and SAP

Mobile applications are quickly becoming must-have tools for many business operations. For example, MacAllister Machinery’s rental division wanted to reduce its reliance on outdated methods for having contracts signed when its staff delivered and picked up equipment at customer sites.

“We used any way we could to get that contract signed,” recalls Matt Hamilton, IT trainer/project manager, MacAllister. The company would fax or email contracts and send people to deliver them.

The company decided on mobile as a modern solution. Using smartphones and FormsTrack iDelivery from Integrated Custom Software (ICS), customers now sign contracts electronically. Contracts are automatically sent to MacAllister’s IBM Power Systems* back end, where they’re indexed and become searchable.

Addressing Pain Points

Based in Indianapolis, MacAllister is the exclusive Caterpillar Tractor Co. dealer for most of its home state and Michigan, where it’s known as Michigan Cat. With full-service and rental locations in both states, it offers a wide array of heavy equipment to customers in the mining, construction, paving, earthmoving, power-generation and agricultural industries.

MacAllister’s rental division is responsible for renting Caterpillar- and non-Caterpillar-branded equipment, such as bulldozers, backhoes, aerial work platforms, air compressors and jackhammers.

“Some job sites don’t have the necessary equipment to perform a task on a job site, so they’ll call MacAllister to help supplement what they don’t have and rent equipment,” Hamilton says.

A number of applications support MacAllister’s sales and rentals, including the Caterpillar Dealer Business System, Wynne Systems’ RentalMan and SAP, running on an IBM Power Systems S814. In addition to FormsTrack, the company also uses ICS’s FormSprint for RentalMan form generation.

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