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Waytek Inc. Bolsters Its Web Presence and Back-Office CRM to Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Bob Lamoreaux president, Waytek inc. - Photo by Robb Long


Customer: Waytek Inc.
Headquarters: Chanhassen, Minnesota
Business: Distributor of electrical wiring supplies
Challenge: A stodgy website and little sales-opportunity transparency
Solution: Using VAI’s S2K Enterprise Portal to create a more modern e-commerce site and a portal for its sales force
Hardware: An IBM Power Systems server built on POWER8 technology and an IBM System x3650 M3
Software: VAI’s S2K Enterprise ERP suite and S2K Enterprise Portal

Back in the early days of the graphical Internet (Netscape 1.0, anyone?), companies could just throw up a static e-commerce Web page with a few photos, unchanging text and some contact information, as in “Call 1-800-000-0000 to order!”

My, how things have changed.

Now, with advanced search capabilities, clickable links and simple electronic ordering, businesses can put their entire inventory online and bury the “Call now!” banners. This is a boon to website owners, who can more easily meet the expectations of their customers, lower operating costs, track inventory and create additional revenue streams.

But for many, the question is how do they create a more dynamic and engaging site? How do they ease customer ordering? And perhaps most importantly, how do they tie their online activity into their back-end systems?

“If you can track your sales opportunities, you can build your business.”
—Bob Lamoreaux, president, Waytek Inc.

And then there are the hows regarding sales integration with those same back-end systems. How do companies track sales opportunities? How do they share sales data all the way from account managers to the CXO level? How do they leverage this data to increase revenues?

Waytek Inc. asked these questions when it needed to create a seamless online ordering and fulfillment process for itself and its customers, as well as a sales and CRM portal.

Thankfully, business partner VAI had all of the answers, coming in the form of its S2K Enterprise Portal website and e-commerce solution based on IBM’s WebSphere* Portal Express. “It was exactly what we were looking for,” Bob Lamoreaux, president of Waytek, remarks.

Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine senior writer, has been covering the technology field for more than a decade. Jim can be reached at



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