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A Cool Solution

Behler-Young beats the heat of disaster recovery with SPHiNX

Up Close

Customer: Behler-Young Co.
Headquarters: Wyoming, Mich.
Business: Wholesale distributor of HVAC/R units and parts
Challenge: Reduce disaster-recovery time in the case of a system failure
Solution: Moved from an hours-away disaster-recovery hosting service to a hands-off solution involving Crossroads Systems’ SPHiNX virtual tape libraries and managed services provided by Arbor Solutions
Hardware: IBM Power Systems server running IBM i
Software: Infor ERP A+ suite

For organizations looking for an out-of-sight, out-of-mind way to address disaster recovery, hosted cold sites seem like the way to go. They require little overhead and negate the need to buy a second backup box and any accompanying mirroring software that might go with it.

However, in a hosted scenario, it could take eight hours or more to bring operations online again after a system failure. This includes the time involved in declaring a disaster, gathering the necessary backup tapes, traveling to the hosted site and restoring everything.

“You have to grab the tapes, run home and get some clothes, because you’re going to be gone for a week or whatever the case, and then hit the road. After it’s all said and done, you’re looking at around 12 hours from the time of disaster to recovery,” says Brian Toronyi, information systems operations manager with Behler-Young Co. “And that’s a best-case scenario.”

It’s a situation many companies can’t tolerate, given the demand to be constantly online. That’s why Behler-Young decided to look for alternatives to its hosted disaster-recovery solution. The company found exactly what it was looking for in the form of two SPHiNX-dedicated virtual tape appliances from Crossroads Systems, a warm backup site and the managed services of Arbor Solutions.

And now?

“We couldn’t be happier,” Toronyi says.

“It’s just a matter of switching over to that colocated box to get our operations back online. They can do that in a matter of hours, compared to the 12 or so it took before.” —Brian Toronyi, information systems operations manager, Behler-Young Co.

Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine senior writer, has been covering the technology field for more than a decade. Jim can be reached at



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