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Migrating to POWER8 Systems

You just found out you're getting new hardware. But hold the celebration -- how do you get your existing LPARs to run on it?

April 2016

Coverage of IBM's OpenPOWERSummit Announcements

Last week I was in Austin for a Linux on Power workshop, when, as the kids say, my Twitter timeline blew up with news from the OpenPOWERSummit in San Jose.

April 2016

PowerHA for SMB

Back in February, Steve Will interviewed Steve Finnes about PowerHA in the blog, PowerHA and Zero-Downtime Backups on IBM i.

March 2016

New Severs Designed for Smaller Environments

In my consulting work, I see a number of customers with small machines running critical workloads that don't incorporate virtualization. Because these workloads aren't necessarily memory- or CPU-intensive, these customers see no need to set up multiple LPARs. They just want a stand-alone system.

February 2017

PowerHA and Zero-Downtime Backups on IBM i

I recently decided to solicit some ideas for blog topics from the community. I tweeted my invitation for comments and received several replies–some via Twitter and even more via Facebook (which posts my tweets as status updates).

February 2016

Another Lifeline for those on AIX 5.3 Extended Support

Nobody likes to admit it, but many customers are still running AIX 5.3 on older hardware. There are many reasons for this. Maybe you have a few LPARs running an older OS. Maybe you're reliant on a critical application that's no longer supported. Maybe you've fallen so far behind on patching and upgrading that running an old OS is an acceptable risk. Or perhaps it's simply the stubbornness of an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality.

March 2016

Digging into Last Week's IBM Announcements

Last week IBM announced new hardware models, along with new features and functionality within AIX and IBM i. I believe IBM is once again showing a strong commitment to the Power brand, and, by providing the capability to update your operating system on the fly, giving customers another reason to choose Power Systems.

October 2016

IBM Forges HA/DR Strategic Partnerships

Web Exclusive |

February 2017

February 2017 IBM i Announcements

Once again it is announcement time...

February 2017



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