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Capable Hands

IBM Migration Factory experts can guide your move to a new platform

IBM Migration Factory experts can guide your move to a new platform
Illustration by Carl Wiens

You’ve got multiterabyte databases, scores of servers running mission-critical workloads, hundreds of nightly reports to compile and millions of daily transactions to process. Every time the market changes, a new emergency project gets dropped on your desk, with an implementation required yesterday. Data-center ops budgets shrink as service-level-agreement demands climb. Welcome to the world of IT, where more is never enough—no matter how hot your servers are running. And with the current spate of acquisitions and consolidations in the computer industry, the question isn’t just can your platform still support your needs, it’s will your vendor still support your platform?

Before something disastrous happens, you’d love to transition to a high-performance, power-saving solution backed by a reliable technology roadmap. But you’re pretty sure that means your IT staff has to somehow morph into a full-time migration team instead of supporting your company’s core revenue-generating operations.

It’s enough to keep a CIO awake at night.

It doesn’t have to, though. Migrations can go smoothly and finish on time and on budget. It just requires the right resource—the IBM Migration Factory.

Targeting a wide range of IBM platforms and storage, Migration Factory encompasses transition services and support ranging from simple consulting to complete migrations. Its staff of 300 specialists around the world brings to bear 25 years of experience in solving integration problems and answering customer business needs. Migration Factory mitigates risk, letting customers focus on their core business while realizing the promise of a more powerful platform.

“Compared to benchmark results based on another vendor’s newest platform, IBM basically provided a three-to-one performance enhancement.” — Jim Sloan, senior director of technology, Dow Jones Indexes

Kristin Lewotsky is a freelance technology writer based in Amherst, N.H.



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Capable Hands

IBM Migration Factory experts can guide your move to a new platform

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