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Why You Should Consider Changing Your Tech Support Management Model

Multivendor Support

It’s no secret to the average business' IT department that there is a lot of pressure to be able to deliver the latest technology capabilities and innovations as soon as possible so the business can keep up or leap frog competition with by enabling the next great advance. 
The IT Conundrum
Consider some typical business demands that are a constant for the IT department to manage: 
·      Faster system response or performance for web or on line applications
·      Stronger security to protect against data breach or cyber attacks
·      More resilience to avoid down time and lost business even through natural disasters
·      Modernize legacy applications and databases to be integrated with digital always on business demands
·      Implementing Artificial Intelligence into the mix

And of course, the other side of the rock and hard place analogy for the CTO and VP of IT:
·      We have a reduced IT budget this year
·      We don't have funding for additional staff
·      Get the technical staff trained on the new technology
How Multivendor IT Support Can Help 
All businesses have IT Hardware, Networks, OS software and Applications sourced from an array of original equipment manufacturers. But who do you go to when there is a problem? Is it the Hardware Bios that is down level? Is there a compatibility issue with the application and the OS version? Have all the security patches been applied? 
IBM Multivendor Support Services offers comprehensive coverage of over 30,000 different types of IT products including servers, storage arrays, network switches and IT business applications. With IBM Multivendor Support Services, you get a trusted support partner that can take on the responsibility of supporting and maintaining all of your IT infrastructure, including cloud transformations, allowing your business to rely on IBM’s trained and certified IT support staff to take the strain, while your key staff can help in key business transformation projects. 
Cost Savings
IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to interview and survey IBM clients who already use Multivendor Support Services from IBM and to understand the business value they were able to achieve. You can read the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact Study Spotight document. Some of the key findings were:
·       Reduction in maintenance and support spending, up to 25%
·       Reduced time spent on hardware support tasks, up to 20%
·       Reduced time spent on vendor relationship management, up to 20%
By switching to IBM Multivendor Support Services to perform your IT Infrastructure Technical support services, you can save time and money and free up your key IT personnel to focus on the more strategic business development projects that require your attention. 
For more information about IBM Multivendor Support Services, visit

Kevin Ellen is a Senior Marketing Manager at IBM with over 25 years experience across multiple marketing disciplines including Campaign Management, Product Marketing and Market Development. Having an engineering education Kevin enjoys problem solving and is a facilitator for Strategic Account Planning sessions, enabling account teams to plan key solution offering strategies for the year ahead. Kevin believes the secret to good marketing is to first have a clear understanding of a customer's concerns and needs to be able drive appropriate solution messaging to a receptive audience.



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