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Tools for AI Success

The process of building and training an artificial intelligence (AI) model can be daunting. Fortunately, IBM has a trove of resources that can help simplify the process.

This open-source software package accelerates and scales AI training. It also includes industry-specific models for financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and more.

IBM PowerAI Enterprise
An end-to-end deep learning platform for data scientists, IBM PowerAI Enterprise provides many optimizations that accelerate performance and improve resource utilization.

PowerAI Vision
This open-source software package for deep learning makes computer vision with deep learning more accessible to business users. It includes the most popular deep learning frameworks and their dependencies to speed implementation.

Enterprise Design Thinking
While not an AI tool per se, IBM’s design thinking tools provide users with a framework to align interdisciplinary teams around real user needs—a necessary step in building a successful AI model.