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Power Systems Marketing Changes Brand Perception

changing brand perception
Kimberly Storin VP, Power Systems Marketing—Photo by Craig Washburn

It’s been a while since IBM Power Systems* marketing has made a lot of noise in the marketplace. That changed after Kimberly Storin stepped in as vice president of marketing. After assuming the reins in September 2015, she’s been quickly and markedly changing the perception of this $4 billion brand.

“We are being much bolder than we have been before, and there are places where we clearly win,” she says. “We are built for big data. We are going to win in big data and analytics and cognitive computing. We want our clients to know and believe that we are going to be there for them, that we have a strategic platform that can run modern workloads and we can continue to grow with them.”

“We have a fantastic product that head and shoulders outperforms our competition, and we have not done enough to date in telling that story. I really look forward to our clients seeing that story come to life.”
—Kimberly Storin, vice president, Power Systems marketing

Storin came to IBM from AMD, where she was head of global brand and ran marketing for consumer and commercial original equipment manufacturer platforms. Before that, she held positions in marketing, public relations and branding for other high-tech companies. “Customer experience across the board is my focus,” she says. “It’s about finding that intersection between marketing and product while making sure at the end of the day we are driving business results.”

Her first order of business: build a team of marketers who change perception and reach the right audiences at the right time and the right place. “I really look at myself as that chief customer experience officer and, whether it is a digital experience or an in-person experience, being a true advocate for the brand overall,” she adds.

Back to Basics

Storin also set out to go back to the basics of brand marketing. “Part of rearchitecting the brand is to understand your fundamental challenges and your fundamental opportunities,” she explains.

To that end, the Power* marketing team focused on global brand-level research, particularly in growth areas such as Linux*. A global brand study helped IBM understand its Power Systems clients and the white space clients it’s trying to reach. Plus, the company wanted to glean more information about Power influencers—developers, data scientists and business executives who have a voice during the data center purchase process and journey but might not be direct buyers of IBM products.

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