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SAP HANA and Power Systems: Transforming Disruption Into Advantage

Illustration by Mario Wagner

Mobile devices are powerful tools for both your personal and business life. Mobile and other technology advances are responsible for spurring innovation that touches every industry and country. These advances have created the digital economy, which is shifting business models and business focus. Early adopters are showing the way forward, and every company can benefit from embracing the digital economy.

Mobile began this shift, changing the way the world and business operate, says Marie Goodell, head of product marketing, SAP HANA Platform, SAP. Mobile triggered rapid innovation because it was picked up so quickly by millennials and people living in emerging countries who have mobile phones even if other infrastructure is unavailable. Mobile enables the creation of microbusinesses that allow entrepreneurs in emerging countries to connect with customers to sell goods and services.

Across the world, mobile and social media are generating massive amounts of data as we share information and concepts with one another. The ability to connect within our personal lives has become so relevant we now want the same connectivity in our business lives between employees and the company, the business and consumers, and businesses and suppliers. Companies must transform their business digitally—even if it’s just one small part of the business at first. “You have to join the digital environment or run the risk of being overrun by new companies,” Goodell says.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will add even more data to the mix. Organizations are grappling with how to use this data. “Technology is required to be able to mine that data and find out what is relevant to your businesses, whether it could be a problem for your business or an opportunity,” she explains. “This offers new business models and new opportunities.”

Creating new opportunities is one of the driving forces behind the partnership between SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems*. Clients have been using the combination to garner real-time insights that create business value.

A New Business Model

Most people are familiar with how disruptive companies, such as Uber and Airbnb, have used technology to forge new business models. But this trend is affecting all sectors.

Disruptive companies are providing several lessons. One is that new leaders can emerge from anywhere. “A company that can do it quicker, faster and better creates a new paradigm,” Goodell says. While early adopters are winning in this new race, you don’t have to emulate everything they’re doing. For example, a company could start by launching a prototype that incorporates one small innovation and build from there. Companies willing to innovate are seeing revenues grow, she says.

Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer. Shirley can be reached at



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