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Doctor, Doctor

According to Frost and Sullivan, the market for artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is expected to grow by 68 percent year-over-year between now and 2022. Its application is expected to be broad, from supply chain management to helping physicians develop personalized care plans based on patient history and the latest research.

One firm making headlines at this January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was IBM Watson partner HeartBit. It launched a range of T-shirts with built-in electrocardiograph (ECG) monitors, capable of reading heart muscle behavior similar to the machines common in hospitals.

The first generation of clothing and applications from HeartBit are designed to help fitness fans improve their workout regime, and data from the ECG system is analyzed using AI to recommend new training programs. In the future, however, HeartBit plans to release a version that will help treat patients recovering from heart attacks.