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What Can You Do?

  • Review the list of participating institutions to find the one nearest you (see “Learn More” above). Reach out to faculty to have a frank discussion about the skills you envision needing in the coming years. Volunteer for the advisory board of your local computer science department.
  • If your local university, community college or technical school isn’t involved, reach out to them yourself or forward their contact information to the Academic Initiative representative (see “Learn More” above).
  • Post any job openings on the Power Systems* Academic Initiative job board and let your local schools know directly. Open up internships or co-op positions to give students experience.
  • Participate in job fairs and career development events at your local schools—this is a chance for your IT staffers to talk about what they love about their work.
  • Talk with your local computer science departments about bringing in your staffers to give brief talks on their jobs, a day in the life, etc.