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Picturing Success

Capture insight from real-time operational data with smart analytics systems

With business analytics, the more information you have, the clearer you see,” says Bernie Spang, director of strategy and marketing, IBM Database Software and Systems. The explosive growth of information today—resulting from intelligent devices, sensors, cameras, the Internet and more—is an opportunity to more clearly see the business opportunities to pursue, wasteful spending to cut and risks to manage or avoid.

To leverage information and realize these benefits, companies must employ a successful analytics solution that includes software for business intelligence (BI), data mining, text analysis and cubing capabilities, which are all tightly integrated and optimized with the data warehousing and hardware foundation, Spang says. To accomplish this, IBM offers workload-optimized systems designed to transform information into real business insight in a time frame that matters to your organization. “In all of the cases I’ve heard, clients say they receive one, two or all three of the following benefits: lowering costs, reducing or eliminating risk, and growing revenue,” he says.

The Smart Analytics System, available on Power Systems* servers, eX5 systems and System z* mainframes, combines InfoSphere* Warehouse and Cognos* BI software with IBM servers and storage to create tuned and balanced business-analytics solutions that can be easily customized for any industry and expanded to add data and user capacity. “It’s got IBM expertise built in,” Spang says. “We’ve applied warehousing, business intelligence, server and storage expertise from three generations of solutions and 15 years to create an optimal balance of capabilities. This saves our clients from investing time and money to put those pieces together themselves.”

Components for Smart Analytics

A successful business-analytics solution must have three core competencies, Spang says.

Reliable, high-performance data management. Analytics requires data-warehouse software that delivers access to structured and unstructured information in real time. The InfoSphere Warehouse, powered by DB2*, not only manages the data but also speeds systems deployment and optimizes data delivery using data partitioning, compression, workload and performance management, and more.

Integrated and governed information throughout the data lifecycle. IBM solutions ensure you have trusted information feeding your analytics. “If you’re not sure of the quality and reliability of the information and whether or not it’s being handled properly, your results are in jeopardy,” Spang says.

High-performance analytics. Once you’ve gathered and stored the data, you can begin using the knowledge it contains. Leveraging database-oriented data mining and text analytics with IBM’s Cognos 8 BI capabilities, executives, line managers, business analysts and IT staff can leverage the right information in a manner that’s right for their needs.

To see all of the integrated capabilities, visit the IBM Smart Analytics System website.

“Warehousing, business intelligence, server and storage expertise ... create an optimal balance of capabilities.” —Bernie Spang, director of strategy and marketing, IBM Database Software and Systems

Natalie Boike is a former IBM Systems Magazine managing editor.



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Picturing Success

Capture insight from real-time operational data with smart analytics systems

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