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z/VM 6.2 Extends Architectural and Data Integrity

Traditionally, the z/VM hypervisor has taken advantage of System z capabilities to increase resources dynamically, allowing processor, memory, network and I/O capacity to be expanded on-demand to meet increasing workload requirements. Now, z/VM can not only move resources to work, but also move work to available resources—all while maintaining complete architectural and data integrity.

This virtualization technology is designed to enable organizations to run hundreds to thousands of Linux servers on a single mainframe, running with other System z operating systems, such as z/OS, or as a large-scale Linux-only enterprise server solution. z/VM can also host non-Linux workloads such as z/OS, zVirtual Storage Extended (z/VSE) and zTransaction Processing Facility (z/TPF) on the same System z server or as a large-scale enterprise-server solution. With z/VM 6.2, support for multi-system virtualization and virtual server mobility are now available.

So what’s new with this latest release? Generally available on Dec. 2, z/VM 6.2 introduces some significant new functions and capabilities to mainframe virtualization.

IBM Senior Technical Staff Member Romney White has worked with z/VM and its predecessors for almost 40 years as a client, independent software vendor, consultant, developer, designer and architect. Currently with the Systems and Technology Group, he helps shape the System z Linux and virtualization directions from a strategic, architectural and technological perspective.



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