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Get Crucial IBM Z Education at TechU

We are currently at an inflection point for the IBM Z mainframe. Many businesses have a “get off the mainframe” strategy that not only affects mainframers, but also the businesses which rely on them. The massive exodus is often based on articles that executives read about cloud and a lack of understanding about how their mainframe systems are literally the underpinnings of their business. At the same time, there has never been a better time to easily connect business-critical, enterprise-class capabilities of IBM Z.
As ambassadors of the platform, it is incumbent on the mainframe community to become apologists for it, the way cloud guys are for their world. We need to do this not only to protect the platform, but also to protect the businesses we support. There’s still nothing that comes close to the enterprise capabilities of IBM Z. The cloud might offer some of them, but today if you really need enterprise class reliability, scalability, security and availability, IBM Z is still your most cost-effective choice.

There’s Always More to Learn 

It’s crucial for everyone to learn not only about a specific set of components, but the overall value of IBM Z. The world is suddenly understanding that IBM Z is more than just a really big expensive PC. At the same time, many people don’t understand what IBM Z is and why it’s different.
Businesses are also trying to figure out how to move their mainframe code out to the cloud. All mainframers need to understand and articulate why IBM Z does what it does better than anything else. We all need to help new people understand and adopt IBM Z for the enterprise-class capabilities that make it great.
IBM Z has a rich and varied set of capabilities. Whether you’re focused on low-level processor optimization or the latest blockchain implementations, there’s more information about the mainframe than any one person can ever learn. One reason many people love IBM Z is that there’s always more to learn. As companies strive to modernize their environments, the need for more education becomes even more important. In a world where the mainframe is rising competitively in the cloud and DevOps space, even old hands on the platform have something to learn. 

Learn About IBM Z at TechU Atlanta  

IBM Systems Technical University (TechU), April  29 - May 3 in Atlanta, is a great place to learn about all of the different aspects of IBM Z. If you want to see how the mainframe plays in the cloud, or how z/OS can play in a DevOps environment, TechU has the answers. You’ll learn how to get your z/OS environments into the latest development and operations environments. Subjects like Node.js in CICS, microservices, GitHub and other topics of millennial interest sit side by side to some of the staples like Omegamon, LSPR performance, and MQ clustering.
In addition to the educational opportunities that TechU provides, the ability to network with leading IBM Z experts from multiple companies provides attendees with unique perspectives, not only on operational opportunities that IBM Z provides, but also innovative business implementations of IBM Z capabilities.
I’m going to TechU to be part of the milieu focusing on bringing IBM Z value back to the enterprise. If you see me there, come up to me, mention this article and get a “Terminal Talk” sticker, and we can talk about the role that IBM Z plays in your business along with how IBM Z can make a difference in your enterprise.

Frank De Gilio is a Distinguished Engineer in the mainframe development organization with a global focus on helping clients modernize their z/OS environments. He is the cohost of the "Terminal Talk" podcast and the IBM System and Technology Group’s CTO for Mainframe Modernization.

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