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The zEnterprise EC12 Raises Enterprise Security While Boosting Analytics and Cloud Performance

Illustration by Peter Crowther

More Than Just Security

Some of the security enhancements are designed to also speed performance, Sannerud says. For example, Flash Express, a flash-based memory addition with a maximum usable capacity of 5.6 TB, uses a pair of memory cards to provide a new tier of memory. This can help facilitate memory paging when the system transitions between workloads, effectively reducing workload spikes.

“The memory is configurable and protected with 128-bit encryption, which will be used for more efficient paging of virtual memory,” she explains. “Paging data was always secured, but this is fast—very fast—and highly effective. Administrators will see that this very fast paging can improve overall system resiliency and availability. It makes it faster, but we don’t compromise security.”

"IBM's next generation, the new IBM zEnerprise EC12, offers a usual blend of new and more, all targeted at maintaining a business backbone that has been considerably realigned by market forces."
— Anne MacFarland, principal at MacFarland Consulting

One real-world benefit of Flash Express, as Sannerud explains, is its capability to improve performance at critical times, such as during morning transition, shaving time off start-up processing and during diagnostic processing. In doing so, it demonstrates the high availability and performance required by multitenant private cloud services.

In fact, a private cloud created with a zEC12 has a 79 percent lower total cost of acquisition than using a leading public cloud provider, according to IBM. It gives IT instant cloud capacity in a pay-as-you-grow model. The system also supports up to 3 TB of real memory, and can accept up to 32 GB for the Hardware System Area, which holds the I/O configuration data for the server.

From an availability standpoint, the zEC12 really shines, Sannerud explains. The system provides five times the reliability, and delivers high resiliency, she says. And since every single transaction—whenever work is started, anytime data is accessed—there’s a record of it. So the system is excellent for auditing, compliance or forensic purposes.


Meeting the Demands

All of these new features and improvements meet IT’s growing need for smarter, more-secure solutions that can handle growing data and application needs while providing flexible access and availability. According to one analyst, zEC12 can help IT organizations take their companies into the future.

“IBM’s next generation, the new IBM zEnterprise EC12, offers a usual blend of new and more, all targeted at maintaining a business backbone that has been considerably realigned by market forces,” says Anne MacFarland, a principal at MacFarland Consulting in a recent research note. “IBM’s zEC12 capabilities support far better application performance, far better system awareness, and the intrinsic analytics needed to support large enterprise business operations.”

Couple that with more security features, and IT truly has a way to meet all of its technology and business needs now and in the future.



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