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What Is DevSecOps?

Software development has been siloed for years. The development, operations, QA and security teams were walled off from one another, creating a lengthy, inefficient process that left an impatient public frustrated. This waning patience and the increasing pressure for continuous software delivery led to the emergence of the DevOps movement, which eventually morphed into DevSecOps.

DevSecOps is a software philosophy based on collaboration among all of the primary stakeholders within an organization. It brings them together to create a cross-disciplinary environment for efficiently developing secure, quality software. DevSecOps is creating a cultural shift in technology where teamwork, brainstorming and collaboration are top of mind.

Enterprises are increasingly adopting a DevSecOps approach to remain competitive, but DevSecOps is particularly crucial for mainframe shops. Mainframes are perceived as already featuring security by design, but with more emerging multicloud models, the need for increased security is growing. DevSecOps not only heightens security in a DevOps environment; it can also help mainframe clients comply with standards surrounding data privacy, banking regulations and healthcare confidentiality. In short, DevSecOps makes it possible to safely exploit mainframe assets in a cloud environment.

With its focus on scalability and layered security, DevSecOps is a powerful tool for getting the most out of the IBM Z* platform. And combining a DevSecOps approach with IBM Z, along with IBM Cloud* Private and Secure Service Container technology delivers a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Enterprises that have already implemented a DevSecOps approach are likely reaping the rewards. But those who don’t work toward a DevSecOps approach soon will likely struggle to compete in the future.


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