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IBM Cloud Private, Secure Service Containers and DevSecOps

  • IBM Cloud Private. IBM Cloud Private keeps on-premises cloud applications and data safer than ever before. It enables users to leverage a number of solutions to increase the security within their DevOps efforts. This helps ensure that security remains a priority during the cloud development process.
  • IBM Secure Service Containers. Secure Service Container technology ensures that no administrator has access to either the data or the execution within the Secure Service Container environment. Note that these containers shouldn’t be confused with other types of containers, such as Docker containers. Rather, a Secure Service Container is a specialized type of LPAR that can support thousands of VMs, with each VM running hundreds of Docker containers within it.
  • DevSecOps. This approach gives mainframe shops a competitive edge in a world where more multicloud models are emerging, and the need for increased security is growing. DevSecOps not only heightens security in a DevOps environment; it can also help mainframe clients comply with standards surrounding data privacy, banking regulations and healthcare confidentiality.


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