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RDz Family Helps Organizations Address New Paradigms and Business Expectations

To cater to the different scenarios or facets of application development, RDz also integrates with other IBM products, thus giving enterprises the flexibility to pick and choose the combination that addresses their unique needs. The primary integration points are:

  • IBM Data Studio for database access, performing SQL explains, running and tuning queries from the COBOL and PL/I programs.
  • IBM Worklight* Studio for developing mobile applications that interact with enterprise back-end systems.
  • CICS Explorer for CICS resource access, deployment, etc.
  • Optimizing DevOps

Developers who can quickly produce high-quality code are key to their enterprise’s success in this rapidly changing market. Accordingly, a critical need exists for software development tools that allow them to optimize DevOps end to end. Rational Developer for System z can provide the z/OS application developer with a premier IDE that can not only be used for edit, compile and debug, but also seamlessly integrates with planning, collaboration, change management, SCM, automated testing, quality analysis, and build and deployment.

RD&T, while allowing the development and unit test MIPS to be offloaded, helps the development and test organizations move faster and experiment with new technologies without putting pressure on the operations team or disrupting the production and test environments. Overall the RDz family has been evolving to help organizations navigate the economic and technological shifts and is a key contributor to successful DevOps outcomes for enterprises.

Alisa Morse is offering manager for IBM Z Enterprise DevOps portfolio products and solutions including IBM Developer for z Systems, IBM Debug for z Systems, IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS and IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems. She is responsible for driving DevOps for Enterprise Systems offering strategy to meet the needs of IBM Z software delivery teams.

Cynthia Krauss is the product line manager for RDz.

Venkatuday M. Balabhadrapatruni is a senior technical staff member at IBM and the chief architect for RDz.



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