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Latest zEnterprise Extends Innovation, Performance and Security to Help Businesses Differentiate Their Customer Service

Photo courtesy of IBM — Photo illustration by Peter Crowther

Analytics, cloud and mobile present a huge opportunity for many organizations, but require careful consideration on technology choice. Many are looking to exploit technology to find new ways to engage customers and, ultimately, build a better customer experience. By unlocking value from big data through analytics, they can understand their clients and protect their assets better than ever before.

New cloud services provide economies of scale. Supporting mobile devices can boost competitive advantage. At the foundation of this infrastructure is a requirement for bulletproof protection with the highest levels of security.

More businesses are choosing the IBM zEnterprise* System as the infrastructure to maximize differentiated value from their unique information. The design of the recently announced zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12) delivers innovation, agility and value. It can enable organizations to quickly employ analytics, cloud and mobile technologies, improving efficiency and speeding time to market, with:

  • Business intelligence and transactional processing for generating real-time analytics
  • Advanced virtualization features like multisystem virtualization and Live Guest Relocation available with z/VM* and Linux* on System z* to enable a robust infrastructure for deploying private clouds to scale workloads at a low total cost of ownership
  • High levels of security, which continue to be strengthened, to protect customers’ and organizations’ valuable data. The zEnterprise System is recognized as the industry’s most trusted platform, according to the recent Solitaire Interglobal report “Tracked, Hacked, and Attacked”

New Family Member

As the newest zEnterprise member, the zBC12 is designed for excellent performance and unmatched qualities of service in an affordable package. Its 4.2 GHz processor helps boost performance by 36 percent over its predecessor, the IBM zEnterprise 114 (z114). The zBC12 has double the available memory, enabling improved performance for memory-demanding workloads such as Linux on System z, DB2* and IBM WebSphere*. It can scale from 50 to almost 5,000 MIPS in a single footprint, says Susan Miley, worldwide System z product offering manager for IBM. The zBC12 is powered by up to 156 capacity settings—20 percent more than the z114— and offers a pay-as-you-grow approach, Miley says.

The zBC12 has built-in flexibility, allowing it to grow as needs expand. “The increased granularity in capacity settings allows organizations of all sizes to right-size without compromise, so they pay for exactly what they need with the flexibility to grow within a single footprint, on demand,” Miley says. This is particularly important as businesses move to cloud and mobile computing where new levels of customer service must be delivered, she adds.

The zBC12 will offer many of the same innovations as the IBM zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12), announced in August 2012. The IBM System z Advanced Workload Analysis Reporter (IBM zAware) and Flash Express are two such capabilities. IBM zAware uses near real-time diagnostics to help identify potential system problems before they can impact the business. Flash Express improves morning response time and throughput compared to disk and can help provide faster, less-disruptive diagnostics.

Two innovative new features with the zBC12 are enhanced for the zEC12 as well. First, a new data compression acceleration hardware feature, zEDC Express, complements existing hardware co-processor compression. zEDC Express offers an industry standard in compression for cross-platform data distribution. It also delivers disk savings by allowing better utilization of storage capacity. Second, a new high-speed communications protocol, Shared Memory Communications-Remote Direct Memory Access (SMC-R), allows exploitation of an emerging networking technology. SMC-R helps reduce latency and CPU resource consumption over traditional TCP/IP communications. Best of all, any TCP sockets-based workload can seamlessly use SMC-R without requiring changes.

Shirley S. Savage is a Maine-based freelance writer. Shirley can be reached at



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