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The New IBM z14 Emphasizes Security, Insights and a Connected Ecosystem

IBM z14
Tarun Chopra IBM z Hardware Offering Manager-Photo by Bill Bernstein

We live in a digital economy where everything is accessible to us any time. Digital device accessibility and ease of use have increased our expectations for what we can find and how we can go about our lives.

Mobile use worldwide is skyrocketing. In the U.S. alone, Pew Research estimates 77 percent of Americans now own a smartphone ( Access to the information is at the power of consumers’ fingertips. As a result, they expect to be able to provide instant feedback. Organizations that fail to respond to consumers will be left behind. The power has shifted away from corporations to the hands of the individual.

Industries are scrambling to adapt. New business models and value chains are being created. As the world becomes more digitized with more data, new innovations and opportunities arise. Security is more important than ever. With more audits, regulations and compliance standards, clients must ensure the critical data on the mainframe is meeting—if not exceeding—those standards.

“Trust allows companies to take a leap in innovation, to bring new solutions to the market and to use technology in new ways.”
—Tarun Chopra, IBM Z hardware offering manager

As mobile use is expected to continue to rise, consumers will need to trust the platform and systems that underpin next-generation transactions. Trust in organizations and information is required. Lack of trust can be a barrier in the digital economy, something that can keep organizations from moving forward and individuals from participating.

“Trust allows companies to take a leap in innovation, to bring new solutions to the market and to use technology in new ways,” says Tarun Chopra, IBM Z* hardware offering manager. “Trust is what gives the customers the confidence to share their personal information and ultimately do business with your organization.”

To build trust, organizations must ensure greater security, transparency and value in every transaction and interaction that’s being processed in the digital age. Organizations must exploit the data for the insight by bringing machine learning to the information to better understand consumers, better provide experiences that will foster even more loyalty and consistently innovate to speed delivery of new services. The thought is your data is your insight and your competitive advantage.

To help clients enable trust and leadership, IBM has introduced the new IBM z14* system centered around three themes:

  1. Secure data and transaction enabling data as the new perimeter across the value chain
  2. Intelligence and insight integrating continuous intelligence through machine learning to personalize and elevate your customer experiences
  3. Delivering all of the innovation through an open and connected enterprise cloud to extend, connect and innovate

These three pillars, working together, will position organizations to excel in this trust economy.

Three Pillars

Pervasive encryption
The IBM z14 pervasive encryption is the new standard, providing clients the ultimate protection for corporate data and automating compliance to meet the requirements of ever-increasing regulations.

Where selective encryption is considered a minimum threshold of compliance, pervasive encryption protects all of an organization’s digital assets and is considered the new standard. Pervasive encryption allows organizations to encrypt 100 percent of the data associated with entire applications or databases without application changes and without impacting their service-level agreements.

Valerie Dennis Craven is a Minneapolis-based writer and editor.



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