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SPSS Modeler 15 Delivers Real-Time Scoring of Transactional Data in DB2 10 for z/OS

Organizations make thousands—even millions—of transactional decisions every day. The customer service agent decides to grant a discount for a new contract; a system determines whether a potentially suspicious activity should be investigated; a logistics manager decides if a truck is safe to be put on the road for the next delivery.

Individually, each of these decisions, if made correctly, can significantly impact the competitiveness and profitability of your business. However, many organizations are basing their decisions on a mix of data, business rules, skills, experience and perhaps even gut instinct. In contrast, others that have invested in predictive analytics are able to improve the quality of their decision by gaining detailed insight into present conditions and evaluating the best possible future events and outcomes. The truth is the faster you can leverage the newest and most relevant data in the decision-making process the higher the quality of the decision.

By bringing our predictive analytics capabilities to transactional data in DB2 for z/OS, customers are now able to process and analyze the staggering volumes of ever-changing and increasingly varied data, and base decisions on the newest and most relevant information—as it’s received—directly into the decision-making process. With real-time visibility into current inventory, demand can be anticipated to ensure you have the right products in stock and personnel available when customers need them.

With the June 12 introduction of SPSS Modeler 15, organizations can now integrate real-time scoring capability directly into their transactional applications running on DB2 for z/OS, improving the accuracy, speed and performance of real-time scoring while reducing overall cost and complexity.

The combination of DB2 on z/OS and SPSS Modeler increases the timeliness of your score because it offers a more efficient, reliable process and makes it available to more customers. The qualities of service of System z are designed to offer improved accuracy, speed and performance in scoring your data while reducing the overall cost and complexity. It scores new and relevant data directly in the online transaction processing (OLTP) application, scales to larger data volumes to improve the accuracy of the data models and patterns created, and delivers the performance needed to meet and exceed the service-level agreements of the OLTP applications/department.

Rebecca Wormleighton is an IBM product marketing manager for Cognos software, focusing on synergy’s between Cognos business-intelligence software and IBM products. She can be reached at



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