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IBM Announces the Enterprise Cloud System

The IBM Enterprise Cloud System, announced April 8, offers clients a converged pre-integrated stack of System z hardware, IBM storage and cloud and virtualization software in one package. It provides everything clients need to build private and hybrid cloud infrastructures with Linux on System z.

IBM recognizes that clients looking to build private and hybrid cloud infrastructures want the high quality of service and scalability offered by System z but are challenged to get going quickly and at low cost. The Enterprise Cloud System has both those attributes. It also allows clients to get up and running quickly and can be as low as half the price of public cloud alternatives.

“As the industry gets comfortable with cloud, companies are moving mission-critical workloads to it,” says Jose Castano, director of System z Growth Initiatives. “As a result, clients are not only focusing on economics, but also demanding higher levels of security, resilience and availability.”

The Enterprise Cloud System is available on the zEnterprise Enterprise Class 12 and zEnterprise Business Class 12 systems. Storage options include the IBM DS8870 or Storwize V7000. Software on the converged system includes z/VM, IBM Wave, IBM Cloud Management Suite and additional Tivoli software.

A pre-installed cloud management software stack, built on OpenStack standards, helps deliver advanced cloud capabilities such as orchestration, provisioning and monitoring.

The Enterprise Cloud System offering is targeted at cloud service providers (CSP) and managed service providers running Linux on x86 or other platforms, as well as corporate clients looking to build out in-house private clouds. The goal is to bring both new clients and CSPs on board the mainframe by exploiting both the leading cloud capabilities and competitive economics the platform has to offer. Simplified pricing and a flexible way to add capacity to the system helps accommodate high-pace growth and cash-flow driven business models.

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