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Latest CICS Release Enables Operational Efficiency and Service Agility

For more than 40 years, CICS Transaction Server (TS) has been the premier solution for high-volume updates to shared data, and it has consistently delivered innovative solutions that companies have used to differentiate themselves by creating, extending and evolving mission-critical applications.

CICS TS is designed to enable customers to create and maintain a competitive advantage. For such customers, creating and extending applications is the fastest and most effective way to maintain and extend the leadership position they’ve earned, as well as to realize the benefits of the continued investment in CICS. With the recent announcement of CICS TS V5.1, IBM continues to provide innovative and essential technologies that enable clients to deliver on their business imperatives, now and into the future.

Maintaining Competitive Advantage

In today’s economic climate, investment and divestment decisions are becoming increasingly more difficult. With limited resources available, it’s of critical importance that operational costs are kept under control and as low as possible.

Despite the ever-increasing pressure for any given project to be able to deliver results faster and more efficiently, current operational practices often inhibit the speed of delivery. At the same time, investments made today must not only meet short-term goals, but also continue to deliver value long into the future—despite the rapidly changing IT landscape.

Many companies have large-scale, business-critical workloads—some running more than 1 billion transactions per day, and many have mixed workloads to support core business processes. CICS TS is designed to enable customers to build customized, differentiated applications. It’s able to cope with these demands, and keep businesses competitive and vibrant.

CICS TS V5.1 satisfies more than 100 customer requirements that help solve the two most pressing challenges companies are facing today:

  • Driving operational efficiencies and
  • Increasing service agility

The CICS Explorer, the strategic management interface, benefits from a major update to support the latest capabilities. CICS Explorer V5.1 includes significant new function to support all relevant aspects of the new release. Some of these capabilities, such as applications, platforms and policies, require the CICS Explorer for creation and deployment. It also works with other supported versions of CICS TS.

CICS TG for z/OS V9.0 provides significant enhancements over previous releases that help drive operational efficiencies while increasing service agility, offering a greater range of deployment options and interoperability. To help drive operational efficiencies, V9 increases capacity and reduces complexity, bringing cost-benefits through improved dynamic routing capabilities and greater vertical scaling capabilities. Deeper insight in derived from end-to-end tracking of requests across the enterprise, and enhanced capabilities for new client applications. CICS TG V9.0 also brings greater flexibility for systems designers requiring secure connectivity. Greater interoperability is achieved where CICS TG is built upon Java technology, and this latest version uses the latest Java 7 runtime for the Gateway daemon. V9.0 adds 64-bit support for client applications that use ECI Version 2 and External Security Interface (ESI) Version 2 APIs. Access to CICS resources may now be integrated by application programmers from within new 64-bit applications running in a distributed environment alongside other 64-bit APIs.

The CICS V5.1 announcement introduces not only a new version of the run-time, but also seven tools to provide a portfolio suite of products to enable users to do more with less. It delivers operational efficiency and service agility through cloud enablement.

Andy Bates is an IBM product line manager for CICS Transaction Server.

Nick Garrod has held a number of positions in IBM, including finance, business planning and CICS marketing. In July next year, he and CICS will share a combined birthday of 110 years.



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